Turkish-Japanese Science and Technology University


Six interdisciplinary focus areas of TJU in research and education are identified as follows:

  • Energy, natural resources, and environment,
  • Earthquake Science and Disaster Management
  • Wide application of information science and digital technology, as well as the interdisciplinary approach towards generating new industries
  • Natural sciences, such as mathematics, physics, and chemistry to establish strong scientific knowledge as the basis for all the disciplines
  • Fundamental life science, as well as the interdisciplinary approach for the application of medical care, health, and food production
  • Humanities and social sciences to support diversity in culture and future society while providing a wide social, historical and cultural perspective to the students.

The first and second focus areas are identified as priority focused areas.

These areas, which were largely articulated and decided upon at the first meetings of the university council, correspond to specific interdisciplinary education and research programs.

Moreover, extensive research and benchmarking were performed to support these priorities through identifying the research and technological trends and examining leading universities around the world and in Turkey and Japan.

All of these areas can be further developed in the consecutive development stages of TJU through exploring the national science and technology priorities for Turkey and Japan as well as the multi-disciplinary research and education areas on global scientific platforms.