Turkish-Japanese Science and Technology University


The values are based on the strategic direction and the guiding principles that include several levels that are distinct yet intertwined at the individual, interpersonal interactions, and organizational functioning levels and support the overall strategic direction of TJU.


The mutual respect experienced among TJU members convey that they value each other's accomplishments, skills, and identities. Being valued and treated respectfully contributes to a positive institutional climate in which all stakeholders are satisfied, committed, involved, and inspired to perform to the best of their abilities.


To answer challenging questions, inspire the extraordinary, and to create a positive social impact in the world, TJU dares where others have not and acts boldly to challenge assumptions and shape the future for greater prosperity.


Looking for alternative solutions – to known, or sometimes to undefined needs, cultivating and nurturing a collaborative culture where there is cutting edge research and most innovative ways of teaching to push the boundaries of disciplines, systems, and industries.

Academic Freedom

The performance and expressions of faculty and students in their scholarship, in the classroom, and in other educational and practical settings must be subject solely to the professional judgment of scholarly colleagues.

Highest Standards / Excellence

Excellence is the hallmark of research and teaching and recognized as a mark of distinction, which is a natural result of diligence, persistence, and leadership. Support for the highest integrity and support for research to be at the forefront of the advancement of knowledge are indicators of excellence.