Turkish-Japanese Science and Technology University



Date of birth: 24 November, 1948

Current job: President of Japan Space Forum (JSF) and others (Notes; JSF is a non-profit foundation supporting Japan’s space activities.)


• May 1979 : Obtained Master of Business Administration from the Graduate School of Business and Public Administration, Cornel University in the USA
• March 1974 Obtained Master of Engineering from the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo
• April 1972 Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, the University of Tokyo


January 2021 – Present : 
   • President, Japan Rowing Association
June 2019 – Present : 
   • Member of the Board of Directors, Japan Association of Technology Executives
May 2019 Present : 
   • Vice Chairman, Society of Technology and Management Professionals
February 2019 Present : 
   • Member of University Council, Turkey-Japan Science and Technology University
• October 2018 Present :
   • Chair of Nuclear Non-proliferation Science and Technology Forum,
   • Japan Atomic Energy Agency
• June 2018 June 2022 : 
   • Member of the Board of Directors, The Engineering Academy of Japan
• June 2018 Present : 
   • Member of the Board of Directors, Research Foundation for Opto-Science and Technology
• February 2018 Present : 
   • Auditor, The Hattori Hokokai Foundation
• August 2016 March 2021 : 
   • Member of the Board of Trustees, International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO) in Strasbourg, France
June 2016 Present : 
   • Member of Board of Trustees, Ichimura Foundation of New Technology
April 2016 Present :
   • Member of Management Council, National Kobe University
October 2015-Present :
   • Member of the Board of Directors, Foundation for Computational Science, from June 2021, Vice President
July 2015- March 2022 :
   • Advisor to the Governor of Hyogo Prefecture in Japan
June 2015 Present                 
   • President, Japan Space Forum (JSF) –current job
   • Member of the Board of Trustees, Suga Weathering Technology Foundation
   • Auditor, The Watanabe Memorial Foundation for the Advancement of Technology
December 2014 March 2021 : Senior Visiting Fellow, National Institute of Science and Technology Policy, MEXT
September 2011October 2014 : Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova         
July 2008 August 2011 : Senior Advisor to MEXT                   
   • Vice Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
   • Deputy Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology
January 2001 July 2008
   • Director-General, Minister's Secretariat, MEXT
   • Executive Director, RIKEN
   • Director-General, Research and Development Bureau, MEXT
   • Deputy Director-General, Minister’s Secretariat and Research Promotion Bureau, MEXT
April 1989 – December 2000                
   • Director, Management and Coordination Division, Minister’s Secretariat,
Science and Technology Agency (STA)
   • Director, Policy Division, Atomic Energy Bureau, STA
   • Director, Policy Planning Division, Science and Technology Policy Bureau, STA
   • Director, Space Activity Planning Division, Research and Development Bureau, STA
   • Director, Nuclear Fuel Division, Atomic Energy Bureau, STA
July 1985 – March 1989           
   • First Secretary at the Embassy of Japan in the USA
April 1974 – Entered STA